The weaving of the Charleston Palmetto Rose dates back to the Civil War. Tradition holds that southern ladies would give their true love a Palmetto Rose to keep them safe from harm as they rode into war. Today these roses are still keepsakes that symbolize everlasting love.

The Palmetto Rose is made from fronds from South Carolina's official State Tree -- The Palmetto Tree. Due to each leaves' unique appearance, no two roses are exactly the same. The natural colors may vary from dark green to yellow or tan; however, they may be colored to your specification. 

About Us

The Palmetto Rose Company implements a business concept known as Social Enterprise. Social Enterprises directly address social needs through their products and services or through the numbers of disadvantaged people they employ. They create positive social change  indirectly through the practice of a philanthropic foundation, (paying equitable wages to their employees; using environmentally friendly raw materials and providing volunteers to help with community projects, etc).

The Palmetto Rose Company supports the youth in the community by partnering with those youth who make Palmetto Roses to fill most of its product orders. When you buy our product you invest in our children. Thank you.

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